*** 10 REASONS WHY ***



1. Highest ROI


➢ Eliminates Employee Theft with integrated surveillance & text overlay, ID Scan & Fingerprint ID instead of access code entry, and manager / owner notifications when their access code is being used, with a detailed information as to which station was used, which order number, what time, and for what reason.

  • Many POS systems don’t have Integrated Surveillance and the ones they do, most of them do not have text overlay capability. Systems that do have any of these options available, usually charge extra fees for licensing of the additional service.

  • Same stands for ID Scan & Fingerprint ID if they are available. Extra charges for licensing.

  • Not many competitor software has text notifications implemented & combined to trigger with security functions.


➢ Eliminates chances of Disputes / Charge-backs on deliveries, with the Driver’s mobile app, which can accept credit card payments at the door and has the option to scan the customer’s ID and attach it to the payment for increased security and proof of Identification.

  • While many other POS Systems have a driver’s app available, they usually require additional charges per app, and their apps are not able to accept payments or to scan an ID.


➢ Minimizes risks of disputes in store by utilizing Multimedia Pin Pads for Chip cards and digital wallet payments submitted by the customers.

  • This option is available on other POS Systems


➢ Minimize the number of employees needed to answer the phone by using the automated voice ordering application.

  • No other POS System has a Voice Ordering application fully implemented. Only Domino’s, Pizza Hut & Starbucks use Voice Ordering applications, and that is only available through their mobile app, Amazon’s Echo Dot (Alexa), & Google home with very limited capabilities.


➢ Includes Self Ordering Stations (Kiosks), which allowing customers to place their order themselves, without the need of waiting their turn on the counter.

  • There are other POS Systems that offer Kiosk Ordering but require additional fee for licensing.


➢ Includes Digital Signage Software which allows users to create and maintain their menus without the need of using 3rd party software and installers.

  • There are other POS Systems that also offering digital signage integration, but besides that they require additional fees for licensing and some of them have a monthly service fee, they don’t have the capabilities of displaying the entire menu or support video backgrounds or any other of the features we offer.


➢ Includes Desktop & Mobile Online Ordering Application along with Facebook store and application for WIX.COM websites. The Online Ordering Application includes on screen help for users, easy interface, and a visual pizza builder.

Online Ordering allows users to:

  • use any loyalty points earned from previous orders (limits apply)

  • view and track the status of their order

  • view their order history (online & in-store)

  • store multiple addresses

  • split payments

  • pay with multiple options (Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.)

  • receive automatic discounts as defined in POS

  • place orders in advance

  • store favorite items & reorder

  • login with Facebook, Google, or their phone number.


All POS Systems that offer Online Ordering (either built-in, integrated or through a 3rd party), charge extra an upfront fee and a set monthly service fee or a percentage of the sales or sometimes both. Plus, many of them they don’t support mobile ordering or Facebook implementation. Our Online Ordering is already included in the software, waiting to be used with no additional fees!


➢ Includes Bar Portion Control Interface which when used holds accountable all users until drinks are assigned & eliminates free pouring.

  • There are few POS Systems that offer Portion Control Integration. Also requires additional fee for licensing. Our integration is included in the price. (Equipment sold separately)


➢ Includes Kitchen Display System (KDS), which minimizes the use & waste of paper.

  • There are few POS Systems that offer KDS Integration. Also requires additional fee for licensing. We offer our own solution which is included in the price. (Equipment sold separately)


➢ Includes Customer Rewards / Loyalty Program, Integrated email marketing campaigns & Customer surveys to improve customer relationships.

  • Almost all POS Systems offer loyalty & rewards programs. Some of them require additional fee for licensing or a monthly service fee.


➢ Includes Enhanced Security for all operations and for manual discounts, which can inform manager/owner when a manual discount is issued (Cash or Percentage).

  • Not many POS Systems offer configurable notifications to prevent free giveaway of food.


➢ Includes an Audit report where all voids are recorded per station, user, Items voided, order number & reason, which then can be easily tracked through the surveillance app to see the details of the event and everything that was rung up on the screen at the time of the void.

  • Not many POS Systems provide reporting in depth which can be tracked down to who did what, when & where.



All features included in the price – No additional fees for additional services/features


➢ All additional services/features do not require additional charges. They are all included with the initial purchase of the software license. (Equipment sold separately)

  • The base price of our license is an average to high price when compared with all other POS Systems. The huge difference here is that our base price includes all the features, when with all other POS Systems additional features require additional charges.


3. Innovative Voice Ordering application

The Voice Ordering Application is a competitive advantage as no other software is using such technology besides Domino’s, Pizza Hut, & Starbucks, which they are dedicated mobile apps only and with limited features.


Our Voice Ordering application will enable users to:


➢ Call the restaurant’s designated phone number and be guided by a speech recognition software (Voice Bot), through

all available options & modifiers, to complete the sale.

➢ Call to check the status of their order

➢ Use the Voice Ordering through the restaurant’s mobile app

➢ Use the Voice Ordering through Amazon’s Echo Dot (Alexa)

➢ Use the Voice Ordering thought Google Home (Google Assistant)


Voice Ordering Features:


➢ Order Placement

➢ Accepting Payments

➢ Multiple Calls Simultaneously – No Call Waiting, No Calls on hold, No Busy Line

➢ Order Tracking

➢ Order History

➢ SMS Notifications

➢ Inquire for Item’s Price

➢ Edit Cart/Order

➢ Call Routing to the restaurant in case of operational failure or Internet Service Failure

➢ Logging & Reporting

➢ Call Recording


4. Innovative “High Availability (Always On)” feature

Our system is designed to be the “Last Man Standing” kind of software. It is Cloud based with local backup which is constantly synchronized. The Cloud server connects with the local server, but also connects with any other station on the network at the same time.


➢ Failsafe #1. In case of an Internet Service interruption, the service does not stop but switches automatically to offline/local mode, accepts credit cards locally if configured that way and stores them for later process, and continues all operations normally until the internet service is restored.


➢ Failsafe #2. Our system does not depend on a “Server” computer to be operational. The database is first configured on the Server computer. But after that, each additional station connected to the system, creates a full backup of the database that is constantly synchronized with the server. In case that the Server computer fails, remaining stations will continue to operate synchronizing the data between them until Server’s signal on the network become available. Then the Server will be updated with the latest data based on the timestamps of each station.


➢ Failsafe #3. In case of a network switch failure, that normally would be a disaster as all network printers would be unavailable and all stations would not communicate with each other. Our system however, would remain operational as this would make each station an independent server for the time being, until the services are restored. Each station will separately store offline transactions, and all kitchen receipts will be rerouted to the station’s USB receipt printer. Once services are restored, all data will be updated to all stations and the cloud server based on the latest timestamp of each station.


➢ Failsafe #4. Online Ordering & Kiosks

Online ordering & any kiosk stations will be immediately disabled once the communication between the cloud server and the local databases is lost, and will become available as soon as the services have been restored.


➢ Failsafe #5. Use of Tablets

All tablets would be connected to a wireless network and communicate with the cloud server and local server for printing. In case of service interruption, tablets will issue a visual and sound alert to inform users that connection is lost and they must be switched to their mobile network to continue, requiring a Bluetooth printer to reroute all kitchen slips so orders don’t get lost. That way, operation will be able to continue normally and as soon as the internet service is restored they can switch back to the wireless network and connect to the local server which will be automatically updated by the cloud server upon service restoration.


5. Self-healing & Self Maintenance Software


➢ Database Auto Maintenance (Locally & Cloud)

➢ Database Auto Clean-up

➢ Printer Auto Troubleshoot

➢ Network Auto Troubleshoot

➢ Auto Router Reboot

➢ Auto Computer Reboot (All Stations or Independent)


6. 2 Different Layouts


➢ Default Layout includes smaller buttons on order entry screen (Main POS Screen), and all buttons on screen.

➢ Quick Service Layout (QSR), includes less but bigger buttons on screen, ability to add picture buttons, and visible qty buttons.

  • There are other POS that offer dual layout (User Interface). However, they require users to go through multiple screens and unnecessary steps to complete a sale. What’s different with our software is that we offer two layouts while we managed to keep the ordering process in one screen!


7. One Screen Operation


➢ Both Layouts are designed to complete a sale within one screen.

  • Most common operations are easily accessible from them main screen, and most of them are completed within the main screen


8. Ability to change the layout per station, service type, or server


➢ Users can modify the layout to their preference if such permission is granted, and load their customized layout when they sign in.

➢ Stations can be customized to have a different layout, depending on their use.

➢ Can re-arrange categories, items, modifiers, groups, & sections.


9. Cross Platform Application with Native Mobile/Tablet apps – No RDPs (Remote Desktop Protocol)

➢ Our system supports mobile devices with native mobile applications.

➢ It can operate as desktop (Traditional POS), mobile (Tablet POS) where preferred, or both.

➢ Includes FREE mobile app for wait staff to be used for table side ordering and payments. Wait staff mobile app can be used from wait staff mobile devices or from devices provided by the restaurant. (iOS & Android - Phones Only)

➢ Includes FREE driver’s mobile app which can be used by the driver to accept payments on delivery. Can be used by the driver’s own device. (iOS & Android - Phones Only)

➢ Includes FREE admin's mobile app (iOS & Android - Phones & Tablets), which can be used by the admin for reporting, surveillance, menu edits, system settings & more.

  • Most POS are either build for desktop use or tablet use. Not both. Some of the POS that support both, are built as web pages and run on browsers which results in constant crashes. Some other POS are using RDP applications to remotely connect to a desktop computer which hosts & runs the software, which also results in system crashes. 

  • As far as the dedicated tablet POS, they have their own issues when the Wifi drops, resulting in system crashes, losing orders, losing payments, etc. 

  • Our solution is designed to work natively in both environments, with fail safes in place for each of the circumstances mentioned above, to quickly resolve any connectivity issues. Nothing goes unforeseen here!


10. Multiple integrations

➢ Accounting:

  • QuickBooks Online

  • QuickBooks Desktop

  • Quicken

  • Sage


➢ Inventory & Restaurant Management:

  • RTI Connect


  • QSR Online

  • Compeat

  • PosIQ


➢ Liquor Portion Control

  • Skyflo

  • Berg

  • Capton


➢ Caller ID

  • Whozz Calling


➢ Surveillance

  • Own Solution

  • IP Cameras


➢ Digital Signage

  • Rise Vision

  • DigitalSignage.com


➢ Reservations

  • Open Table


➢ Multimedia Customer Display

  • VeriFone

  • Ingenico

  • PAX

  • Clover

  • Other Multimedia Pin Pads


➢ Drive Thru Timers

  • QTimer

  • HME Zoom


➢ ID Scan

  • IDscan.net


➢ Email Marketing

  • MailChimp


➢ Customer Surveys

  • Survey Monkey


➢ Scales

  • PD-II / PD2 Cash Register Scale


➢ Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • Own Solution


➢ Device Controllers

  • X-10


➢ Property Management Systems (PMS)

  • Resort Data Processing (RDP)


➢ Online Ordering

  • Own Solution


➢ Integration with 3rd Party Online Ordering Portals via Chowly Inc (https://www.chowlyinc.com)

  • Foodler

  • Eat24

  • Grubhub

  • And more...


➢ Voice Ordering

  • Own Solution


➢ SMS Notifications

  • Twillio

  • Asterisk


➢ Pager System

  • LRS Pagers (Irsus.com)


➢ Remote Support

  • TeamViewer


➢ Support Helpdesk

  • Own Solution

  • Jira Helpdesk

  • FreshService Helpdesk


➢ Scheduling Integration

  • Hot Schedules

  • Schedule 101

All supported Integrations are included with the original price of the software. No additional licensing fees or monthly service fees, besides what costs may be required from the services we integrate with.

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